The Roadmap

Skilled immigrants comprise a rapidly-growing segment of our local labour market and economy. Are you ready to capitalize on their talents and maximize the potential of your organization?

Many employers are not. However, the Roadmap can provide you with a substantial starting point, supplying your organization with the strategies and tools to effectively engage a vital segment of the population.

The Roadmap enhances your human resource practices with strategies that can:

  • Provide access to new pools of talent while traditional sources continue to diminish
  • Ensure your assessment and selection are inclusive of skilled immigrant talent
  • Help you integrate and retain skilled immigrant employees better

The Roadmap will better position your organization as Canada continues to welcome newcomers.

The Roadmap will help you:

  • Understand and reach rapidly diversifying local markets
  • Meet objectives for recruitment, as well as diversity and inclusivity
  • Globalize your operations and business opportunities