Hire Immigrants is a global hub for employer best practices in immigrant employment

We take an innovative approach to immigrant employment.

We focus on the role of employers when it comes to:

Making the
business case
Identifying outdated
hiring practices
Leveraging immigrant
talent for recruitment

Helping employers and
immigrants work better together

We curate innovative best practices in immigrant employment
from a committed network of global employers and thought leaders.


Resources are developed with an employer in mind. Access relevant information, tools and reports aimed to empower employers to build a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Global perspective

Businesses are more similar than they are different. Learn from global best practices on the benefits of a diverse workforce.


A network hub connecting key stakeholders to valuable information, and raising awareness about the opportunities immigrants bring to local and global businesses.


Success stories

Employer’s share best practices in immigrant employment


Innovative thought leaders share new ideas in related fields

Expert Q&A

Experts respond to questions, and provide insights into practices, initiatives and/or services


International learning exchange that allows participants direct access to expert speakers


Relevant information written for an employer audience

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