Hire Immigrants Embarks on New Partnership with Magnet at Ryerson University

We are pleased to announce that Hire Immigrants is joining the Magnet network. Magnet is a not-for-profit social innovation founded by Ryerson University, in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. It is a collaborative hub of post-secondary institutions, not-for-profits, government, labour, and industry partners working towards one common goal: to address unemployment and under-employment of Canadians, advancing careers, businesses and communities nation-wide. This new partnership allows Hire Immigrants to leverage Magnet’s innovative online platform and reach its extensive community of over 8,000 employers, 31 post-secondary institutions and 180 community partners.

Hire Immigrants’ expertise in supporting immigrant employment and workforce diversity, furthers Magnet’s goal of eliminating barriers to employment for newcomers. The Hire Immigrants network also gains a new, valuable partner in Magnet, as the platform enables employers to directly source and engage with immigrant jobseekers. The Hire Immigrants and Magnet partnership aims to strengthen support for employers to access a diverse talent pool and maximize the potential of immigrant talent.

Magnet’s Executive Director, Mark Patterson will assume the executive leadership role for the Hire Immigrants program. The Honourable Ratna Omidvar, Senator for Ontario, will continue to advise and support the Executive Director in her role as Founder and Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Global Diversity Exchange (GDX). In particular, she will continue to develop an international community of employers engaged on advancing immigrant talent.

“This is an exciting development, which will allow Magnet and Hire Immigrants to provide an online platform for employers interested in hiring qualified internationally trained immigrants.  It will include a comprehensive suite of resources aimed at influencing and supplying employers directly with a talent pool.”
— Mark Patterson, Executive Director, Magnet

“This is an important partnership enabling Hire Immigrants and Magnet to deepen their work on advancing outcomes for immigrants and employers, and on raising awareness of the value of immigrant talent for businesses worldwide.”
— The Honourable Ratna Omidvar, Founder, GDX

This marks an exciting new chapter for Hire Immigrants and Magnet, and we look forward to continuing and expanding our work together in the weeks and months ahead. For more information on Magnet, please visit the Magnet website at https://www.magnet.today .


Hire Immigrants was founded in 2007 to provide businesses worldwide with the tools and resources they need to better recruit, retain and promote immigrants, profiling good examples and innovative practices from employers around the globe. Hire Immigrants also provides immigrant entrepreneurs with advice and links to the leading supports available, and provides policy makers, researchers and community groups with analysis and leading thinking on immigrant employment and entrepreneurship.

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