Hosting a Refugee Hiring Event: A Guide to Coordinating a Collaborative Response to an Employment Imperative

This practical guide summarizes key lessons from the Toronto Refugee Hiring Event. This guide provides communities across Canada with a blueprint for hosting similar events to maximize matching refugees with hiring employers.

This guide describes a hiring event model that can be used locally to connect employers with pre-screened, job-ready refugees for pre-scheduled interviews. While the model is an in-person hiring event, WES Global Talent Bridge can help you translate it to a virtual environment.

As we rebuild the Canadian economy, this model will help support efforts that ensure the inclusion of refugee talent.

This guide will help you to:

Identify the stakeholders in your community that can support a refugee hiring event
Understand the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder
Host a successful refugee hiring event in your community
This is a product of the Refugee Jobs Agenda Roundtable, a working group of Canadian employers, community agencies, and governments dedicated to increasing refugees’ access to employment opportunities.

Download the guide at WES

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