May 17, 2016 | 60 minutes

Legal Basics for Your Business

Presented by Hire Immigrants with Pro Bono Ontario  | Sponsored by RBC Royal Bank | Archived webinar featured on May 17, 2016

webinar_imageIf you’re new to Canada and starting a business, there are many legal questions to ask yourself. Talking to a lawyer is a core first step for newcomer entrepreneurs to learn about the legal basics for businesses in Canada. It’s important early preparation that prevents later problems, and is a key component of good business planning.

Watch the Legal Basics for Your Business webinar and learn from two experts in legal and business planning to help you start your business right.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • How legal planning fits into your business planning
  • The right legal questions to ask at the start of your business
  • What legal challenges to expect down the road, and how to prevent them
  • The legal programs and services, including pro bono support, available to you

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Matthew Wiens, Director of Corporate Pro Bono Programs, Pro Bono Ontario

Matthew is the Director of Corporate Pro Bono Programs at PBO, where he designs and implements charitable projects that improve access to justice. Prior to joining PBO Matthew was a sessional professor at McMaster University. After law school Matthew began volunteering for Law Help Ontario, a program that provides a range of services for low-income, self-represented litigants who do not qualify for Legal Aid but cannot afford counsel. Through his volunteer work Matthew began working for PBO, and began his current role helping small businesses, artists, not-for-profits and entrepreneurs get access to free legal advice.

Jon Worren, Senior Director & Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Entrepreneurship Programs, MaRS Discovery District

Jon is currently the Senior Director & Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Entrepreneurship Programs at MaRS. He is an experienced entrepreneur and advisor with more than 20 years of experience in developing growth strategies, driving innovation, and rolling out new products and programs. In 2009, Jon founded ClearSky Advisors, a research and advisory firm serving stakeholders in the wind and solar energy space. Prior experience includes three years in management consulting and six years working for industry advisory firm Gartner Inc in Europe, Canada and the USA, and seven years working in the software industry, including two successful software start-ups. Jon has a Master of Science in Media &  Communication from London School of Economics, and a Master of Science in Business and Economics from the Norwegian School of Management.

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